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Lines & Wrinkles

A concentrated dose of Whey Protein smoothes fine
lines and wrinkles, rehydrates and plump the skin.

About Whey Protein:
• A natural, high quality polypeptide
• Rich in amino acids - the building blocks of skin
• Helps to initiate the natural development of new skin
• Provides a smoothing and plumping effect

Pores & Uneven
Skin Texture

With AHAs to improve skin's texture and reveal fresher,
brighter skin and tighter looking pores.

About Alpha Hydroxy Acids:
• AHAs quickly exfoliate dead surface skin to leave it
   looking smooth and brighter
• Helps refine the look of pores
• Skin looks polished and brighter over time


Contains Taurine to re-energise skin to minimise
the signs of fatigue due to daily stressors.

About Taurine:
• A new to Clinique ingredient
• This powerful amino acid is driver of cellular
   energy, essential for overall skin health
• Boosts collagen production
• Helps to boost skins moisture levels


Lactobacillus Ferment helps to provide instant
and soothing relief for delicate, irritated skin.

About Lactobacillus:
• A naturally derived probiotic ferment
• Helps to boost skin's natural defences
   against external toxins
• Keeps skin balanced and provides hydrating
  and soothing relief

Uneven Skin Tone

Extracts from Japanese Angelica Root helps to
provide a more even skin tone.

About Japanese Angelica Root Extract:
• Helps to calm and slow the formation of uneven
   pigment in the skin
• Provides a brighter, more even skin tone

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Create your custom Clinique iD
Concentrated active ingredients in each cartridge
Targets lines & wrinkles | Learn more
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    Custom-Blend Chemistry Technology™
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    results with every pump by freshly combining
    the precise dose of actives and base.

    International patent-pending package.

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