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Anti Blemish

Anti Blemish Solutions Clear Skin System

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Anti Blemish Solutions Clear Skin System

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The Clear Skin System wastes no time in giving blemishes the boot. Does it without the dryness and irritation that generally gets skin into trouble. It's simple, scientific. Gentle exfoliation opens clogged pores, evicts blemish-causing agents. Targeted ingredients rush in to accelerate treatment. Keeps skin clearer, longer, too.

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How to Use Anti Blemish Solutions Clear Skin System

Want to see clearer skin? Start with Anti Blemish Clear Skin System. All it takes is 3 simple steps A.M. and P.M.
Anti Blemish
Step 1: Cleansing Foam
Lather up with this mild cleanser. Helps clear and prevent blemishes by removing dirt and excess oil. Unclogs pores. Helps calm, soothes, reduces the appearance of redness. Plus, leaves skin feeling soft, smooth, comfortable.

Step 2: Clarifying Lotion

Sweeps away dead surface skin cells and excess oil that can lead to breakouts. Gentle, medicated formula exfoliates skin, unclogs pores. Helps calm, soothes, reduces the appearance of redness. Oil-absorbing powders control shine.
Step 3: Clearing Moisturizer
Lightweight, formula creates an invisible, breathable barrier against blemish-causing agents. Helps calm, soothes, reduces the appearance of redness. Helps control the appearance of excess oil throughout the day. Provides light hydration to minimise dryness and peeling.
Frequently Asked Questions

Help! Why do I keep breaking out?
When you're younger, oily skin is usually the cause. For adults, common causes are stress hormones and allergies. No matter what the trigger, the anatomy of a pimple is the same.

What causes blemishes?
It starts with an accumulation of dead skin cells mixed with excess oil that clogs a pore and cuts off its oxygen supply. Each clogged pore is home to blemish-causing agents that love an oxygen-starved environment. The longer a pore is clogged the more these agents multiply, releasing aggravating substances that lead to irritation under the skin—pimples.

How do you fight it?
This is the easy part. You start with gentle exfoliation to open clogged pores. Oxygen evicts blemish-causing agents. Voila!—Clearer skin. The idea is to get immediate breakouts under control, then stop problems before they erupt—with a consistent, daily regime that's non-irritating.

Does stress cause breakouts?
Sure. It can cause an increase in oil production, which then leads to more breakouts. So take a deep breath and try to cope.

Can the wrong moisturiser make you break out?
Absolutely. Using the wrong products for your skin type, or misusing products, can clog pores, which can lead to breakouts—especially in blemish-prone skin. To make sure your skin gets the daily essential hydration it needs—without clogging pores— get skin-typed online or at a Clinique counter.

My skin is oily. Do I really need a moisturiser?
Yes. All skins need hydration. Use an oil-free product to help keep pores clear.

What if I have a blemish emergency?
Not to worry. After daily care, dab on Anti-Blemish Solutions Clear Blemish Gel. If red, use concealer in your skin tone and finish with Anti-Blemish Solutions Liquid Makeup . Touch-up as needed.

Will sun protection make me break out?
No. But not using it might. Ever notice how you get more blemishes after the summer? Sun actually triggers breakouts. Think lightweight, oil free. City Block Sheer Oil-Free Daily Face Protector SPF 25 is a great option, or daily moisturiser with SPF specifically for oily skin.