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Redness Solutions
Redness Solutions

NEW Redness Solutions.
expert tips: keep out of the red
Use Sunscreen
Red, irritated skin is even more sensitive to sunlight, and sunlight can make redness worse. Wear an SPF 15 or higher every day of the year.

Seeing red? Let Clinique help you feel better about your skin. This soothing system of products gives skin the daily care it needs as it comforts. While redness-prone skins share certain basic needs, they require specialised formulas to help improve their appearance. Redness Solutions uniquely addresses the appearance of redness with a choice of treatment specialists supported by daily care basics.

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For Persistent Redness

For Reactive Redness

Soothing Cleanser
• Melts away makeup and impurities.
• Helps calm the appearance of redness while preserving skin's moisture balance.
• Smoothes with mild exfoliation.

Urgent Relief Cream OR Daily Relief Cream

Daily Protective Base SPF 15
• Protects skin from the UVA/UVB exposure that can aggravate skins with redness.
• No chemical sunscreens.
• Sheer green tint visually corrects redness.
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Help determine which Redness Solutions moisturising specialist you'll need.

On-and-off redness is generally skin reacting to weather, stress, waxing and cosmetic procedures. Urgent Relief Cream calms things down in a hurry.

Daily Relief Cream is for when the appearance of redness is around a lot. Yes, you'll benefit immediately as it soothes to cool the feeling of discomfort. And, as time goes by, you'll feel more comfortable in your skin and see less redness.

Use these questions to choose which solution is best suited for your skin.

• Is your redness occasional, one-time reactions?

• Does your skin react to:
• contact with irritating substances
• pollution and other external irritants
• weather
• stress

• Is your skin stressed by a cosmetic procedure such as waxing?

If you said "yes" to one or more, you need Urgent Relief Cream

• Is your skin's redness more ever present?

• Is it usually triggered by the same conditions:
• spicy foods
• alcohol or caffeine
• a hot shower or sauna
• exercise
• stress

• Is it accompanied by:
• discomfort
• visible/broken capillaries

• Has it gotten worse with age?
If you said "yes" to one or more, you need Daily Relief Cream.