Terms & Conditions

● The Giftcard is not a credit or charge Giftcard.

● Clinique Giftcards can be exchanged for products and services, online at Clinique.co.uk and in Clinique Free Standing Stores in the United Kingdom with a card reading terminal that is operational at the time of use.

● Giftcards may not be used in department stores, for mail order purchases or at airport locations.

● The balance on the Giftcard may be used for full or part payment of the GB pounds sterling cost of Clinique products and services. To check your balance online please click here

● No change will be given but any unused balance will remain on the Giftcard and may be applied to future purchases.

● Giftcards can be used towards the purchase of goods at a higher price than its face value upon payment of the difference.

● The Giftcard cannot be exchanged or redeemed in whole or part for cash, and has no fixed expiry date or service fees.

● Promotional offers may not apply to Giftcard purchases.

● No VAT is charged when buying the Giftcard, but purchases paid for using the Giftcard are subject to VAT.

● Keep the Giftcard safe and treat it as cash. We will not accept any liability for lost, stolen or damaged Giftcards or for any remaining balance on the Giftcard.

● If you have made an Online payment with a Giftcard in whole or part and any item paid for using the Giftcard is accepted for return the amount owing will be added to the original Giftcard.

● For general information about returns and exchanges please click here

● We may withdraw or cancel the Giftcard and require an alternative form of payment if we suspect that the Giftcard may have been stolen or fraudulently used. Further action may also be taken.

● We reserve the right to amend or supplement these conditions or discontinue the Giftcard at any time.

Redemption of eGift cards on Clinique.co.uk

● To use your eGiftcard in full or as part payment for orders made at Clinique.co.uk, please follow the instructions below:

○ Activate your egift card by clicking the ‘Collect your eGift Card’ button in the email and confirming your email address.

○ You will then receive a separate email with an attachment detailing the egift card value, card number and PIN.

○ When proceeding to checkout, select ‘I have a giftcard’.

○ Enter the 16 digit card number and PIN number found on the attachment of your activation email.

○ Select the ‘APPLY’ button to proceed with the payment.

● If the value of the items purchased Online is less than the total value of the eGift card, you can re-enter the same eGift card details on another occasion to redeem the remaining balance on your eGift card.

● If the value of the items purchased online is more than the total value of the eGift card, you will need to pay the balance using additional eGift cards, or a credit/debit card.

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