CX -R+ De Ageing Cream

CX -R+ De Ageing Cream

What is it:
A multi-functional, deeply hydrating moisturizer that helps counteract visible signs of aging.

What it does:
Helps counteract the visible signs of ageing, including Lines and wrinkles, Loss of firmness, enlarged pores and Uneven skin tone with a combination of de-ageing ingredients. When used over time— it helps with:
• Signal natural collagen production to help firm skin.
• Reduce the appearance of visible pores by moderating excess surface oil which can enlarge pore walls.
• Reduce the appearance of dark spots by helping to prevent discolouration from surfacing & brightens skin.
• Helps to brighten the appearance of dark spots with a naturally derived patent pending ingredient, which works to disperse the appearance of pigment clusters— making dark spots less visible to the eye.
• Helps skin feel more comfortable and look soft, dewy. Intense moisturising and barrier repair ingredients hold moisture in to help prevent dehydration.

Who it's for:
All skins can use but is most appropriate for Very Dry and Dry Combination Skins (Types 1, 2). Not sure? Take our Skin Diagnostic quiz.

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