The ultimate Clinique perfume guide.
The ultimate Clinique perfume guide.

Few things are quite as personal as fragrance. A scent can hold a memory and tell a story – be that transporting you back to your childhood, evoking a certain emotion or reminding you of a loved one. Even if it takes just a second, that association can last a lifetime, which is why perfume occupies such a special place in our hearts.

All that nostalgia aside, the world of perfume can be tricky to navigate – particularly when browsing online. There’s so much choice out there, and fragrance is so subjective, which makes it difficult to find a new perfume without having to spritz and sniff your way through the fragrance hall. So, for our guide to Clinique perfume, we wanted to keep it super clear and fuss-free, splitting our scents into three fragrance categories: uplifting florals; warm, decadent florals and My Happy – our range of customisable, mix and match scents you can make entirely your own.

There may be a particular type of scent you’re always drawn to, or you may prefer to switch it up for different occasions, but whatever your fragrance personality, there’s a Clinique perfume for you. Read on as our own fragrance expert, Consultant Anna-Marie Clarke, talks us through the Clinique perfume collection. Your search for a new signature scent ends here.



Uplifting florals.

Florals are perhaps the most multifaceted fragrance family, spanning everything from fresh and subtle to rich and heady. Clinique’s uplifting floral perfumes are on the lighter side, characterised by effervescent top notes, which bring a mood-lifting, vibrant quality to the fragrance profile. ‘This type of floral is perfect for those who love a feminine, delicate scent which sparkles with elegance,’ Anna-Marie says. ‘Uplifting florals are ideal for the day and the evening to add a touch of sophistication and lift the spirits.’


Clinique Happy™
Citrus top notes, a soft white floral heart.

‘This is a fruity floral that uplifts the senses and makes you feel happy with just one spritz. A hint of citrus combined with delicate white flowers of orchid and magnolia, it’s effervescent, cheerful and easy to wear. No wonder it’s Clinique’s bestselling fragrance globally,’ Anna-Marie says. ‘I first discovered it when I was in my early twenties. Every time I wear it, it transports me back to those happy, carefree days when I spent time travelling the world! I love how perfume can connect you once again to a certain time, place and person.’



Warm, decadent florals.

At the other end of the floral spectrum are the opulent scents of the Aromatics collection. ‘These florals are perfect for those who love to wear a head turning scent which leave a long trail of intrigue,’ explains Anna-Marie. ‘These rich, warm, decadent floral perfumes are confident, enigmatic and timeless.’


Aromatics Elixir™
Confident blend of earthy patchouli and rich florals.

A cult classic, Aromatics Elixir™ is a decadent, lingering perfume with an air of vintage 1970s charm. The scent is arguably one of the most iconic Chypre scents of all time, a fragrance family that takes its name from the French word for Cyprus, alluding to botanicals native to Mediterranean climes like bergamot, labdanum and oakmoss. It’s a distinctive, instantly recognisable scent that always makes a statement. ‘Clinique’s first fragrance, Aromatics Elixir™ is loved by so many for so many reasons,’ Anna-Marie adds. ‘It’s an intriguing and captivating scent with a blend of rich floral notes and a sensual base of patchouli. A showstopping fragrance and a true timeless classic.’


Aromatics In Black
Warm amber floral with myhrr and tonka bean.

An intoxicating, modern twist on the original Elixir, Aromatics In Black is a luxurious, elegant scent that layers exotic fruits and florals with precious myrrh and creamy tonka bean. ‘This is a statement perfume which will make you stand out in a crowd! It’s bold and mysterious, alluring and mesmerising – and completely addictive,’ says Anna-Marie. The richness of the scent makes it particularly fitting for evening occasions.


Aromatics In White
Musky, powdery amber floral.

A comforting floral with earthy, powdery undertones, Aromatics In White has a subtle complexity and lightness that works all year round. ‘Aromatics in White is the epitome of elegance. A graceful, glamorous and serene scent with soft petal notes and the powdery sweetness of grey amber,’ says Anna-Marie. ‘If you’re looking for a wedding day perfume, this is the perfect accessory for that special occasion.’



Your scent, your way.

Variety is the spice of life, and if that rings true for you, one perfume just won’t cut it. Enter, My Happy™ – a collection of six handbag-size scents designed with layering in mind. All the scents are light, bright and uplifting in their own way, but the customisable element allows you to create something unique, and easily switch up your scents. ‘Fragrance reflects your individual style, personality and mood. The My Happy™ collection encourages you to be the perfumer, creating your own custom fragrance by layering two My Happy scents together,’ adds Anna-Marie. ‘Experiment, explore and have fun!’ Here are a few of our favourite combos right now.


My Happy™ Peony Picnic + My Happy™ Indigo Mist

Delicate, fresh, romantic.

The perfect everyday pairing. Indigo Mist’s refreshing notes of bluebell, melon and violet leaf bring a cool, lighter dimension to Peony Picnic’s fruity floral layers of blackcurrant, peony, plum and vanilla.


My Happy™ Lily Of The Beach + My Happy™ Cocoa & Cashmere

Lush, sophisticated, indulgent.

A spritz of the musky, vanilla-laced Cocoa & Cashmere transforms Lily Of The Beach's sunkissed coconut, tiare and frangipani notes from bright and sunny to rich and elegant. 

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Words by Shona Wallace with Clinique Consultant Anna-Marie Clarke, March 2023

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