Makeup Removers

At the end of the day, a makeup-free face feels so good. How will you Take The Day Off™?

Makeup Removers.

Knowing the types of makeup remover will help you select the formula that’s right for you. Clinique’s makeup remover bestseller TAKE THE DAY OFF™ MAKEUP REMOVER FOR LIDS, LASHES & LIPS is a liquid that whisks away makeup without tugging. Customers also love our make up remover Take The Day Off™ Cleansing Balm. It’s formulated for all skin types. ALL ABOUT CLEAN™ ALL-IN-ONE CLEANSING MICELLAR MILK + MAKEUP REMOVER combines cleansing and makeup removal in one single step, and it comes in two different formulations – a creamy make up remover option for very dry to dry combination skin and a lightweight, milky-liquid formula for combination oily to oily skin.