How to get redness under control. 

How to get redness under control. 



Do you find yourself blushing or flushing more easily than other people? What may initially appear as a natural pink glow can sometimes be a result of skin irritation.


Often, facial skin redness occurs with exposure to certain internal and external influences, from spicy foods and alcohol to stress, UV rays, extreme temperatures, environmental irritants and more. Another cause is rosacea, a common, long-term skin condition which presents as visible skin redness.


Keep reading to learn more about redness and what causes it, and discover our best skincare for rosacea skin. Your search for an effective, soothing redness-calming routine ends here.


What is the cause of redness?

According to Dr. Jenny Liu, board-certified dermatologist, many redness-causing skin conditions, including rosacea, are often a result of genetics and environmental triggers. That means that exercise, drastic temperature changes, allergens, strong chemicals and even beauty treatments like waxing can sometimes lead to temporary facial skin redness and irritation. In addition, free radicals generated by sources like UV light and other environmental factors are harmful molecules that can agitate skin, resulting in an irritated, red complexion.


Rosacea is a long-term skin condition, which causes facial flushing, redness, blotchiness and sensitivity, most commonly on the nose and cheeks. Many environmental factors can trigger rosacea flare-ups, including heat, UV rays, stress and diet, however rosacea triggers can be different for everyone. While there is no known cure for rosacea, rosacea treatments can help to manage the symptoms and reduce the appearance of visible redness.


What can redness look like?

Facial skin redness often appears as a noticeable flushed or rosy tint on the cheeks, nose, chin or forehead. This redness can feel warm or even hot to the touch, sometimes accompanied by a tingling or burning sensation. It's essential to pay attention to these signs, since understanding the cause of facial redness flareups can help you take appropriate steps to manage and maintain the health and appearance of your skin.


While facial redness and rosacea may not be entirely avoidable, it can be much more manageable with the right treatments. We have a full range of Redness Solutions skincare designed to help calm and combat the look of redness and irritation, with gentle formulas that are ideal for sensitive skin types. If you are looking for skincare for rosacea skin, the Daily Relief Cream has been proven to be safe for skin with rosacea.


How to improve the appearance of redness:

Our three-step routine for keeping facial redness under control focuses on calming and soothing irritation and flush, strengthening your skin's moisture barrier and protecting your skin from the sun. A hint of green tint also helps to neutralise and balance out visual redness. This routine is so gentle that it won't aggravate more chronic redness like rosacea, ensuring that your skin feels comfortable and looks its best, no matter what life throws at it.


Step 1: Cleanse twice daily with an extra-gentle face wash.

Redness Solutions Soothing Cleanser With Probiotic Technology is your go-to for redness-prone, reactive or sensitive skin. It gently, effectively melts away dirt, makeup and impurities without aggravating your skin. Bonus: it's suitable for dry, oily or combination skin types.


As our best face wash for redness-prone skin, it's the first step you should take in your daily anti-redness regimen. It's formulated with calming, hydrating ingredients like glycerin, squalane, lactobacillus extract and soothing cucumber extract.


For best results, use this cleanser for redness twice daily. Massage into damp skin, then rinse with tepid water and gently pat face dry. Tip: always avoid excessively hot or cold water if you experience redness, and avoid any harsh exfoliants or exfoliating cloths which can contribute to skin barrier damage. Learn more about your skin barrier here.


Step 2: Follow up with a specialised face cream for red skin. Safe for rosacea too.

Give your skin some comforting TLC while improving the appearance of redness with Redness Solutions Daily Relief Cream. This extra-gentle, oil-free moisturising face cream for red skin is filled with skin-loving ingredients, specially engineered to provide your face with comforting hydration that's so important for irritation and redness-prone skin.


It's also proven to be safe for rosacea skin. Our best cream for rosacea, it's formulated with hydrating glycerin, soothing green and white tea extract and anti-irritant microbiome technology to help calm the skin and support skin's natural microbiome.


To apply our best cream for redness, massage all over the face twice daily, avoiding the delicate eye area.


Step 3: Apply a protective base with built-in SPF.

Don't forget this crucial step in your redness management strategy: SPF. Whether you're looking for skincare for rosacea or an anti-redness skincare routine, sun protection is an essential step. Thanks to its neutralising sheer green tint, Redness Solutions Daily Protective Base SPF 15 acts as an oil-free makeup primer that instantly improves the appearance of facial skin redness, while also helping provide SPF protection. Simply apply in the morning after moisturising, before foundation.


Beyond skincare, our Redness Solutions range also includes two makeup options built with neutralising, colour-correcting pigments to conceal redness with a naturally pretty finish and medium coverage. The Redness Solutions Makeup SPF 15 is a soothing oil-free foundation for redness, formulated with lactobacillus extract and other redness-calming ingredients, while Redness Solutions Instant Relief Mineral Pressed Powder is a finely-milled mineral face powder with lactobacillus extract that's ideal for anyone with sensitive, redness-prone skin.


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