Superbalanced™ Makeup

Superbalanced™ Makeup

Benefits: Balances Skin,Controls Oil,Even Skin Tone,Oil Control,Natural skin-perfecting look
Skin Types: I, II, III
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What it is:
A foundation that adds moisture and subtracts oil where needed. It helps to balance out skin types that are sometimes oily and sometimes dry, and also contains anti-irritants and antioxidants to help benefit your skin over time. It provides moderate coverage with a natural finish, and is suitable for mature skins.

What it does:
• Adds moisture and subtracts oil as needed to balance partly oily/partly dry skin with an oil-free formula.
• Minimizes the appearance of fine lines.
• Helps colour stay true with specially coated pigments that do not react to oil or perspiration.

Who it is for:
Dry Combination and Combination Oily Skin (Types 2, 3).

We recommend:
For best flawless results, apply our lightweight, oil-free Superprimer™ Face Primer first to create an ideal makeup canvas. Shop it here.

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