Clinique’s Guide To Singles’ Day
The countdown is on. Here’s everything you need to know about Singles’ Day 2022.
Clinique’s Guide To Singles’ Day
The countdown is on. Here’s everything you need to know about Singles’ Day 2022.

Sometimes we all need to treat ourselves, but if you’re patiently waiting for Black Friday or Christmas to do so, you may be missing a trick. Singles’ Day, the first shopping event of the holiday season, is just around the corner on November 11th and – single or not – it’s definitely one for the diary. Here’s everything you need to know about Singles’ Day.

What is Singles’ Day?
As the name suggests, Singles’ Day is a celebration of single life. It’s often thought of as an anti-Valentine’s Day, but everyone can get on board, regardless of relationship status. It always falls on 11th November, or 11:11, which symbolises four single people standing together, and is traditionally a time for self-gifting, self-love and self-care. Essentially, it’s just about treating yourself in the same way you would treat a partner.
Where did Singles’ Day come from?
Originally called Bachelors’ Day, Singles’ Day is an unofficial shopping holiday that originated in China. It’s thought that Singles’ Day was created by a group of single male students in Nanjing University in 1993, before moving on to other universities in the city and beyond. Initially a day of celebrations for single people, it gained momentum through social media and in 2009, when e-commerce retailers began marking the occasion with shopping events, it became a major shopping day – now the biggest in the world.
What’s Clinique doing for Singles’ Day?
We have a few Singles’ Day surprises in store, coming soon to Can’t wait? To make sure you’re always in the loop, subscribe to our emails and follow us on Instagram, where we will be dropping Singles’ Day details soon. Until then, check out our Special Offers page to discover our current offers, gifts and more.
You don’t need to wait until Singles’ Day to treat yourself.
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Words by Shona Wallace
12 October 2022

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