How to reduce dark under eye circles – the ultimate guide.

Visibly reduce dark under eye circles — the ultimate guide.

Even if you get your best beauty sleep, undereye dark circles may still sneak up on you. But luckily, there are a few easy fixes so you can sit pretty with bright, wide-awake-looking eyes. The trick is knowing what causes dark under eye circles, how to conceal dark circles and which ingredients can help to reduce their appearance.

We've got you covered with everything you ever wanted to know about dark undereye circles.

What are dark undereye circles?

Dark circles are a totally normal skincare issue. They are common and can occur on anyone, of any age or any skin type – they're simply darkened skin under the eyes.

As we get older, the skin beneath the eyes tends to become looser and thinner, which can allow blood vessels to peep through in certain skin tones. This leads to the darkened appearance we commonly associate with undereye circles. In some cases, hollowed areas near the corner of the eyes may also appear, which cause shadows that increase the appearance of puffy or dark undereye circles.

Fortunately dark circles are relatively easy to target with makeup.

Dark circle causes

Ever wondered about the causes of those pesky dark under eye circles? There are several factors at play, including the common culprit of not enough sleep. Genetics can also be to blame, as some people are simply more predisposed to having dark circles.

As we age, it's natural for puffy eyelids or hollow areas under the eyes to develop, which can contribute to the discolouration. Additionally, the delicate skin around your eyes can make the blood vessels underneath more visible. Hyperpigmentation, often triggered by excessive sun exposure, can prompt your body to produce more melanin (the pigment response for skin color), potentially intensifying those dark circles.

But it's not all out of your control. Simple lifestyle choices, like how much water you drink each day, can also affect the appearance of dark under eye circles. It's important to stay well-hydrated as insufficient water intake can make your skin appear dull and dry. When skin becomes dehydrated and irritated, blood and other fluids rush to the area, causing pink or purple circles and puffiness. In addition, habits like alcohol consumption, smoking and stress can add to the problem.

Key ingredients for eye brightening

The best thing for dark under eye circles is hydration. That means choosing a moisturizing eye cream that works hard to banish the look of dark under eye circles and puffiness all at once. Ingredients like hyaluronic acid are key to keeping your skin hydrated.

If you're looking to expand beyond that, there are a few other helpful ingredients to keep an eye out for as well:
  • Whey protein: This is an amino acid-rich polypeptide, which can help to skin's natural support structure in the delicate eye area.

  • Caffeine: Like your morning cup of coffee, energising caffeine can do wonders for skin around the eyes. It is believed to have both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Vitamin C: Brightening vitamin C can help decrease the look of dark circles for brighter eyes.

  • Sodium hyaluronate: This helps provide hydration to help soothe and comfort skin.

How to treat the look of dark circles

Let's dive into some other helpful tips and product suggestions for dealing with those frustrating dark circles under your eyes.

Refresh and brighten. Even Better Eyes™ Dark Circle Corrector brightens the appearance of the eye area and reduces the look of dark circles while hydrating skin. All skin types can use this ophthalmologist-tested product twice daily, morning and night, by gently squeezing a small amount of product out and slowly gliding the contoured applicator back and forth across the undereye area. The cooling metal tip helps massage away any puffiness and improve microcirculation, as well as reduce congestion and the appearance of dark circles. Use your finger to smooth any excess product into skin until it's fully absorbed.

Reduce the look of dark circles and puffiness. All About Eyes™ earns its title as our #1 best under eye cream for a reason – it's a dual-action solution. Not only does it effectively diminish the appearance of puffiness and dark circles, it also serves as smoothing eye makeup primer. The lightweight cream-gel formula hydrates and preps skin for makeup application and is suitable for use twice daily, morning and night. Apply sparingly to the entire eye area using your ring finger. Use a gentle patting motion for best results.

Add intensive moisture. Elevate your skincare routine with the luxurious All About Eyes™ Rich. Just as its name suggests, this abundantly moisture-rich formula soothes with hydration, de-puffs, and diminishes the look of under eye circles, shadows, and fine lines. This formulation also strengthens your skin's moisture barrier, offering defense against external irritants, while sodium hyaluronate helps prevent moisture loss. It's the ideal choice for those with dry skin, or all skin types during cooler weather. Use twice a day, morning and night, applying sparingly with your ring finger to your entire eye area using a gentle patting motion.

More tips for reducing the look of under eye circles

Follow these steps to target dark under eye circles:
  • Aim for at least eight hours of sleep at night and always try to elevate your head with a pillow.

  • Use a cold jade roller, a cool cloth or even chilled spoons under your eyes to get a bit of instant relief from the puffiness. This will help your skin by shrinking dilated blood vessels.

  • Facials done by skincare professionals are also always a nice solution when used in combination with your everyday beauty routine, especially with targeted treatments for dark circles and gentle under eye massages designed for dark circles or puffiness.

Together with a great skincare routine, you can improve the appearance of your under eye circles – even if you can't get those eight hours of sleep.