Game Changer

Watch This Ballerina
Remove All Her Stage Makeup
in Under a Minute

Created by Marie Claire for Clinique.

You've got to admit that stage makeup is pretty fascinating. To see up close what it takes for a dancer's beauty to be visible from the cheap seats—from double-winged eyeliner to strips of eyelashes applied above the lash line—makes even your most dramatic "night out look" seem simple. But taking all that off? Mind blown.

Most of us see makeup removal as a chore, but probably none more than the women who don stage makeup on a daily basis, like American Ballet Theatre's rising star Kathryn Boren. And when nighttime performances end as late as 10:30PM, a quick removal is key. Her time-saving trick is to use makeup-removing liquids and balms infused with non-greasy oils, which break down makeup in seconds. This way, even Boren can go from a full-on stage makeup to totally fresh-faced in less than a minute. Watch!

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Prepare to Be Mesmerised: Watch This Ballerina Remove All Her Stage Makeup

Words: Katie Becker

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