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The Lipstick Diaries

How many nude lipsticks have you tossed because they didn’t look right? Here’s a scientifically proven solution for finding your most flattering hues: Even Better Pop Lip Colour Foundation. This genius collection of lipsticks was developed using Clinique Shade-Match Science, a proven method for determining the most flattering neutral shades for your unique skin tone.

Here’s how it works: It starts by first determining your Even Better Makeup foundation shade as a reflection of your true skin shade. Need help? Try this. Then, using an algorithm built on the Golden Ratio (a harmonious proportion that underlies the most beautiful works of art and nature), and factoring in your unique tones, undertones and variation in shade between your cheek and your neck, Clinique Shade-Match Science identifies three Even Better Lip Colour Foundation shades—Naked, Casual, Glam—that are guaranteed to flatter your complexion. Think of it as a wardrobe for your lips, where each Lip Foundation shade offers a different (but equally complimentary!) intensity to suit your different looks and moods.

After being scientifically matched with three ideal Lip Foundation shades, these four women test out their new lip looks—proving that Clinique Shade-Match Science results are the real deal.

Who: Rowena, Artist
Even Better Makeup shade: CN 10 Alabaster
Even Better Pop Lip Colour Foundation shades:
Naked: Softly
Casual: Delicate
Glam: Entwined
“I’ve always been quite curious about neutrals, but it’s hard to know which one to go for with all the choices,” she says. “I can see myself using Softly a lot—it’s so wearable. The other two, I’ll be experimenting with them more for statement looks. I’m also a believer in just wearing what you feel like, no matter the occasion.”

Who: Stacie, Fashion E-commerce and Digital Consultant
Even Better Makeup shade: WN 115.5 Mocha
Even Better Pop Lip Colour Foundation shades:
Naked: Subtle
Casual: Tender
Glam: Mink
“I never wear neutral lip colours,” she admits. “You go into a store, and you see hundreds of them. It's overwhelming. But I loved these and felt really pretty. Mink was my favorite, because it was a bit deeper. I would for sure wear it to grab a cocktail or to an event. But I'd also be comfortable wearing it in the office, too.”

Who: Talia, Technical Designer
Even Better Makeup shade: WN 46 Golden Neutral
Even Better Pop Lip Colour Foundation shades:
Naked: Subtle
Casual: Blush
Glam: Mink
“Honestly, it's really hard to get the right shade to look good with your skin,” she says. “Sometimes, you think a color looks good on someone and you're like, ‘Ooh I want to get that!’ Then it doesn't look that great on you. After trying these, I feel like I’m more confident in wearing them and knowing that they'll work well on me. Mink is such a cool edgy color that really complements my skin.”

Who: Jaiden, Waitress
Even Better Makeup shade: WN 110 Chestnut
Even Better Pop Lip Colour Foundation shades:
Naked: Tender
Casual: Nuzzle
Glam: Velvet Kisses
“Tender is my favorite,” she says. “It’s warm and a little softer—kind of like me, sometimes. But I love changing my lipstick depending on my mood. I normally go for a more natural look, but will add a bit more intensity at night. So I loved Velvet Kisses and Nuzzle works for when I go to the movies or the arcade.”

Already know your Even Better Makeup shade? Click here to find your most flattering Even Better Pop Lip Colour Foundations using Clinique Shade-Match Science.

Words: Mari Tzikas Suarez | Artwork: Sally Griffiths

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