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Kelly Mindell

Kelly Mindell of Studio DIY has a colourfulness that’s infectious, whether she inspires you to DIY or simply makes you smile. She celebrates every day, and she’s helping Clinique celebrate the launch of The Wink! Keep your eyes peeled for Kelly's special creations inspired by The Wink on our Clinique UK Instagram. Want to know more about Kelly? Read on to find out what inspires her, as well as her go-to beauty looks.

The Wink: One look at the Studio DIY page reveals your immense creativity. How do you come up with new ideas?
Kelly Mindell: Thank you! I keep my eyes peeled for inspiration whether I’m in the grocers, at the party shop, or on the drive home. We have so many hidden colourful spots in Los Angeles! I keep a running list of items or motifs I want to incorporate into DIY's and pull from there if I'm ever stumped.

TW: Does the DIY-spirit run in your family?
KM: While I’ve definitely taken the DIY-way of life the farthest, we're a creative bunch. My brothers make music, my dad is quite the photographer, and I grew up always baking with my mum.

TW: Are there any tools that are essential for a DIY-er? A sewing machine? Baking supplies? Lots of glitter?
KM: My hot glue gun is my best friend. And when it comes to the kitchen, I keep an arsenal of sprinkles around, because they can make just about any recipe better.

TW: What are the best parts of your job?
KM: Happiness and laughter. We make sure every project and post is filled with colour, fun and humour, and I love being able to bring that little burst into everyone's day.

TW: You’re often photographed in your DIY posts—looks like you love a bright lip. So do we! Any tricks to perfecting the look? What are your favorite colours?
KM: Adding something as simple as a bold lip boosts my confidence so much when being photographed. I love bright reds, bubblegum pinks and fuchsia.

TW: Are there any women—whether personal acquaintances or public figures—who you find inspiring right now?
KM: Other artists and entrepreneurs who are pursuing their dreams: Joy Cho of Oh Joy!, Martha Moore Porter of Buried Diamond and Kendra Dandy of Bouffants & Broken Hearts are three ladies who I'm lucky to call friends. I'm so inspired by the endless amounts of creativity they share with the universe!

Photos courtesy of Kelly Mindell

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