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Emma Louise Connolly
& Oliver Proudlock's
Best Travel Tips

Palm Springs, Arizona, Gothenburg, Bahrain, Barcelona. Scroll through Emma Louise Connolly and Oliver Proudlock’s (envy-inducing) Instagram feeds and these are just a few of the places this well-travelled pair have visited so far this year.

So who better to ask for travel tips, packing strategies and airplane-proof beauty routines? Read this before you book your next getaway.

Emma Louise Connolly & Oliver Proudlock's Best Travel Tips

How much do you plan a trip in advance?
“I’m not the best at planning in advance,” says Emma. “A lot of our trips are work-related and pretty full on, so when it comes to a trip we’re planning for ourselves all we want is to zone out and do nothing.”

“We’re both really relaxed and like to go with the flow," Oliver agrees, "but we definitely take restaurant recommendations from friends and Instagram followers. We’re both big foodies and love a good meal–and a big cocktail!”

Do you prefer to spend more time in fewer places, or pack as many cities as you can into a trip?
“Definitely fewer places,” Oliver says. “When it’s just the two of us we like it to be chilled, two weeks at the beach is the dream.”

“I also hate unpacking and repacking!” says Emma. “We’re also lucky that we can often travel out of season, and like to find hidden away spots that aren’t super touristy. This is a great tip for travelling on a budget too–local restaurants that are off the beaten track are often the best and don’t have amped-up prices.”

What would we always find in your suitcase?
“I always have the intention to pack light but it just never happens!” says Emma. “For a long-haul flight, I pack a carry on suitcase with a couple of outfits and some PJs, so that if my big suitcase gets lost I’ve always got something. I also always have an iPad with me (Ollie and I download the same TV series so we can break every episode and discuss), and I’m a big fan of noise-cancelling headphones.”

In-flight hydration is also key. “I like to have a full cabinet of mini products with me!” says Emma. “Anything with hyaluronic acid is key, so the Moisture Surge range is a must. I’m constantly spraying the Thirsty Skin Relief Face Spray on the flight.”

As for the rest of their holiday beauty regimes? “Ollie and I both love Clinique iD, we both use the Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly base and then I add the Fatigue cartridge (the perfect pep-up after a long flight) and Ollie uses Uneven Skin Texture. Makeup-wise, I keep it super simple and natural. I don’t typically wear much makeup and on holiday I like to wear even less. I love Even Better Glow foundation as it looks super dewy and natural.”

What do you like to do at the airport?
“We always have a browse around duty free–it’s the best time to test out new products and skin care as I’ve got time to properly look and speak to the consultants,” says Emma. “Then I like to buy lots of snacks for the flight and huge bottles of water. I honestly take about five big bottles on the flight, I’m so careful not to get dehydrated!”

Tell us about your favourite trip you’ve been on together.
“Definitely Gothenburg as it’s the city we got engaged in last summer,” says Oliver. “It’s such a special place for us both. We’ve already been back with friends this year and plan to visit every year if we can."

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Photos and video production: Marco Barcella at The Creative | Words: Ashleigh McMorran

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